Gift Vouchers can be brought in multiples of £10 £15 £20 £35. £40  or £175 for  a Course of 6 treatments for Reflexology  or you can buy a Treatment eg Aromatherapy  if you don’t want the person you are buying know how much you have spent.

A seated Acupressure massage and Indian head massage cost the same so just press the IHM button for that it go to the page

When you have made your choice e mail the address where you want them sent and will forward to you

Aromatherapy full body £40  

Indian head Massage 30 mins £20 

Reflexology 1 hour . £40.00      

Reflexology 6 sessions – £200.00

Reiki Treatment – 30 mins (£20)  

Reiki Treatment – 1 hour (£35)     

Thermo-Auricular Therapy Treatment – 1 hour (£35)  

 Water mastery healing treatment  1 hour (£45)