Reflexology uses no medicines or instruments, but is a science that deals with the principle that every organ, gland and part of the body corresponds with reflex areas in the feet. A client can be helped by the relief of stress and tension, improved blood supply, unblocking of nerve endings, and balances the body to achieve homeostasis.

By applying pressure to the feet, Reflexology can be used to treat many of the everyday complaints that one might take to their doctor. Reflexology can assist in the relief & symptoms of joint pain, breathing problems, Digestive disorders, Hormonal problems, strokes and other stress related problems.

It is invaluable where extreme pain makes manipulation of an area problematic and is very good for muscular aches in the lower back and other back problems.



Maternity Reflexology

Having trained in this, it is extremely beneficial to have while pregnant as it eases tiredness, digestive disorder, and helps with problems such as discomfort relating to the hip, most births are shorter  and are less painful with little or no post natal depression.

It can offer assistance after the birth for back aches and other problems that may arise


Reflexology 1 hour . £40.00

Reflexology 6 sessions – £200.00