Water mastery healing system is a brand new, high vibrational multidimensional angelic healing system that blends with Sonic Sound healing and Angelic Energies together to formulate a unique and complete healing system

This was divinely guided to Rachael Edgley through the Goddess Isis, Seraphim Barachiel and 7th Dimensional Light Beings from Lakumay, the ascended planet of Sirius.

Working with the fluid transporting system, organs, acu-points and energetic pathways and meridians of the body, this healing system is designed to enhance and restructure and quality of all the water molecules and crystalline structures within the body : flushing and clearing the body of emotional and physical pollutants which inhibit the frequency of each cell, structure and system and cause dis-ease.

By balancing the Water and Fire elements of the body, this divine healing system, will encourage the water held within the body to flow more freely, nourishing, oxygenating and de-toxifying each cell an system and bring wellness and vitality as well as activating and illuminating the light body of ascension and spiritual growth.

During the “hands-on” healing of the recipient the Healer is simply a “Channel”, whereby the energies of Seraphim Barachiel and the 7th Dimensional Light beings from Lakumay is passed to the recipient.  The Healer only has to hold space for the energies to come through and every healing session will be perfect in its transmission.

What happens in a session

After completing a Questionnaire and explaining the treatment process you can lay on a couch face down or on your back or sit in a chair fully clothed, whatever is more comfortable.  We spray around you with some brachial Aura spray and lay a Larimar stone on you bring in the Angelic light beings then we use a weighted Neptune tuning folk down the triple warmer median down your  arms.  Then we bring in the Silver Blue dolphins and other light beings.  The treatment lasts about an hour.